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MOU with JSI and KIMS

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Date08-11-24 11:25 Hit6,208


On Friday, November 21, 2008 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, KIMS made an Memorandum of Understanding with the Jozef Stefan Institute(JSI), the leading scientific research institute in Slovenia as well as Europe, concerning the cooperation on basic and applied research on the technological development of new materials. The MOU was officiated during a joing committee on science and technology between Korea and Slovenia. The cooperation creates active exchanges and joint use of laboratories and equipments in the field of electronics and ceramics.

JSI heads 4 departments in new materials and possess world-class reputation in ceramics electronics. While Korea has been actively collaborating with major institutes from the U.S. and Japan, the partnership with JSI has created much aniticipation to open more research opportunities in S&T development with Europe.