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2009 Nano Technology Forum

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Date09-04-03 15:54 Hit7,622


On 3 April, 2009, the Korea Institute of Materials Science (KIMS) and the Korea Nano Technology Research Society (KoNTRS) held Nano Technology Forum for developing Nano Technology.

100 professionals of Nano Technology field attended the forum and discussed "industrialization and development of nano fusion materials".

The forum consisted of three lectures and panel discussion in three hours. In the lectures, "Policy to Develop Nano Fusion Technology" (Ministry of Education, Science and Technology), "Development Program for Nano Fusion Technology" (National Research Foundation of Korea), and "Training Human Resources for Nano Fusion Materials" (Busan National University) were discussed.


Dr. Chul-Jin Choi (cjchoi@kims.re.kr)
Functional Nano Powders Materials Group
Functional Materials Division
Korea Institute of Materials Science