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8th World Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition

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Date09-06-25 16:00 Hit8,086


Recycle, reduce, reuse! The hottest three words this summer in Jeju Island.

The Korea Institute of Materials Science contributed to the 8th World Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition was held on June 22~25, 2009 at the International Convention Center in Jeju Island as the Organizing committee and sponsor. The event was co-host by the World Wind Energy Assocation(WWEA) and the Korea Wind Energy Assocation(KWEA) with 600 participants from 34 countries and was the first large-scale international event in the field of wind energy.

The Conference was divided into four categories, where on the 22nd a general tutorial on basic information on wind energy and policy, followed by an official ceremony which opened 120 research presentations and scientific poster presentations and 40 industry exhibitions from the 23rd to the 25th related to wind power for islands- Offshore and Onshore. Key speakers such as the Kim Hyong Oh, Korean Chairman of the National Assembly, Dr. Anil Kane, president of the World Wind Energy Association, Dr. Prebin Maegaard from the World Wind Energy Institute, Minister George Smitherman from the Ministry of Energy, Ontario, Canada, as well as the Noble Peace Prize Winner 2007 Dr. Rajendra Pachauri.

Discussions and debates were touched in depth according to the following 11 topics:
1. Technology Advancements and Availability
2. Offshore Wind Energy
3. Integrated, Hybrid and Stand-alone systems for islands
4. Grid integration and interconnection issues
5. Policy development
6. Community power approaches
7. Financial Mechanisms
8. Governance and administration
9. Wind resource assessment and prediction
10. Wind farm planning
11. Capacity building, training and education