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KIMS developed the Root Technology for Micro-cellular Porous Ceramics - Beginning Commercialization

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Date09-07-14 16:02 Hit7,209


Korea Institute of Materials Science (KIMS) and the University of Seoul developed the root technology for Micro-cellular Porous Ceramics. KIMS is in the process of transferring the technology to YOUNGJIN CERAMICS CO.,LTD., and Namkang Ceramics Co. Starting from the year 2001, KIMS has conducted research with companies to commercialize the technology as environment friendly product. As the importance of environment has grown up in the world, porous materials has been in the spotlight of consumers in the field of desulfurization, denitrify, filter, and etc.


Dr. In-Hyuck Song (sih1654@kims.re.kr)

Functional Materials Division

Korea Institute of Materials Science