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2009 Korea Science and Technology Expo

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Date09-08-09 16:04 Hit7,774


KIMS participated in the 2009 Korea Science and Technology Expo, which was held at KINTEX, the Korea International Exhibition Center, for 6 days from August 4 ~ August 9.

KIMS participated with the theme entitled: "Green Material Garden" flowing with the general theme of "Creating a Green Future with Science and Creativity" introducing various research displays.
The expo targeted elementary to middle school students, creating fun and education interests for the students and parents.

With the hot summer heat, many families spent their time inside the cool exhibition center, while enjoying fun science activities and learning about future material technologies.

KIMS made a hit success with an "Anodizing" activity, where students made name tags with a silver titanium substrate, and anodized the tag into gold.