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MOU signing with Institute of Materials Science, Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology (IMS, VAST)

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Date09-09-10 16:10 Hit7,768


Thursday, September 10, 2009, KIMS President Kyung-Mox Cho signing with Director of IMS, VAST Nguyen Quang Liem. This MOU signing is the fourth with IMS, and the first forf KIMS after becoming a subsidiary of KIMM.

President Cho's visit to Vietnam did not finish with IMS. Visit to the Hanoi University was also scheduled to increase collaboration in failure analysis of components and increase personnel exchange.

A special personnel exchange program was made for Vietnamese students in their Masters and Doctoral course to receive a degree through KIMS and the University of Science and Technology (UST), a university made by 22 government-funded research institutes.

The exchange program is in two options.

1) Earn a masters/doctoral degree through the UST and conducting real research with KIMS researchers on an R&D project conducted by KIMS
2) Recommending researcher to work with a researcher at KIMS

Application for a UST application can be found on the UST website at : www.ust.ac.kr