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IMR-KIMS Joint Symposium on Mg & Ti Alloys

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Date10-12-17 15:15 Hit5,040


On the 1 December 2010, KIMS organized 'IMR-KIMS Joint Symposium on Mg & Ti Alloys'. To participate in the symposium, 10 specialists in the field of Mg & Ti alloys from the Institute of Metal Research(IMR), China visited KIMS, Changwon.
Followed by the opening remark of President Kyngmox Cho(KIMS), the symposium was started with 4 keynote lectures on the R&D status of Mg and Ti alloys in Korea and China.
- Corrosion and Protection of Magnesium Alloys(Dr.E.Han, IMR)
- Recent Progress in the R&D on Magnesium Alloys in Korea(Dr.B.S.You, KIMS)
- Overview of titanium industry and research in China(Dr.R.Yang, IMR)
- R&D status on the titanium alloys in Korea(Dr.Y.T.Lee, KIMS)
In the afternoon, the sessions were divided by the field of research to discuss detailed R&D activities of specialists of the KIMS and IMR. Each session was held in the Main Building(Titanium) and R&D building No.4(Magnesium). Moreover, participants also discussed further possible cooperative activities between the institutes in the field of Magnesium and Titanium alloys.

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