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NPG Asia Materials highlighted "Solar cells : In line for success"

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Figure. Schematic diagram showing the structure of organic solar cells with a ZnO/carbon nanotube (CNT) buffer layer.

Electrochemistry Group under the Materials Processing Division, KIMS, published the paper titled "Solar cells : In line for success", which was selected as research highlight in the NPG(Nature Publishing Group) Asia Materials. NPG Asia Materials released the paper online on 20 December 2010.
Dr.D.C.Lim, Senior Researcher, KIMS, noted in the paper that "the use of carbon nanotubes in organic solar cells considerably enhances conversion efficiencies"(Lim,D.C, 2010).


Dr. Dongchan Lim(dclim@kims.re.kr)
Materials Processing Division
Korea Institute of Materials Science