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Date11-06-09 14:44 Hit5,187


From 30 May to 1 June, Mrs.Kasemsri Homchean, Governor of the Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research(TISTR) visited the Korea Institute of Materials Science(KIMS). After contracting MOU in 2010, the TISTR and the KIMS have been actively conducting the research collaboration on the superalloys.


To extend the cooperative activities and promote mutual development, Mrs. Kasemsri Homchean(Governor),  Mrs. Luxamee Plangsangmas(Deputy Governor, Industrial Services), Mr.Wirach Chantra(Director of MPAD), Mrs.Chutima Eamchotchawalit(Director of MID), Ms.Chanchira Sinoulchan(Acting Director of International Relations) visited the KIMS and participated in the TISTR-KIMS Meeting. During the meeting, the further possible cooperations between the TISTR and the KIMS was discussed.





Ms.Sooa Lee(leesooa@kims.re.kr)

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