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Date21-03-31 14:08 Hit89


The first step to cooperate with GBIA

   KIMS held a MOU signing ceremony with GBIA as a first step to start cooperation 

Korea Institute of Materials Science(KIMS), a government-funded research institute under the Ministry of Science and ICT of the Republic of Korea held a MOU signing ceremony with Gimhae Biomedical Industry Promotion Agency(GBIA) on 17th of March in a conference room at KIMS.

The agreement aims to establish an organic cooperative system to systematically promote the development of new industries and the advancement of medical life complexes through joint research, sharing of academic information, technology transfer, and technical guidance.

Below is the main contents of cooperation in the agreement

A. Implementation of joint research projects in materials technology in the field of medical life and joint cooperation in

    support of small and medium-sized enterprises

B. Technology transfer, industrial transformation, and technical guidance to foster the medical life and new industries

C. In vitro diagnostic biosensor, electron beam surface treatment, development and commercialization of advanced 

    medical technology

D. Strategy for the advancement of medical life complex, technical consultation, human exchange, and equipment utilization

E. Sharing of other academic and technical commercialization information