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Date21-04-29 16:06 Hit40


KIMS 14th anniversary of the establishment

             KIMS celebrated its 14th anniversary of the founding

Korea Institute of Materials Science(KIMS), a government-funded research institute under the Ministry of Science and ICT of the Republic of Korea celebrated its 14th anniversary of the establishment on April 23rd, 2021. The ceremony was held in the main auditorium of KIMS where president Junghwan Lee, some managing staff and award winners attended.

Considering the pandemic situation and preventing the spreading of the virus, the ceremony was broadcast live on YouTube, and employees who did not attend the ceremony watched it on YouTube channels. KIMS awarded the commendation of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Science and ICT, and the NST to the personnel and organizations that achieved great research results and showed good working performance.   

KIMS also awarded 14th "the world's best technology prize" on the same day. The honor went to Dr. Seungzeon Han and his team that developed "simultaneous improvement technology of strength, softness, and conductivity of precipitation alloys by interface control." This is the technology capable of manufacturing cast and whole-body aluminum alloys with the world's best combination of strength and ductility with only low-cost alloys and existing manufacturing equipment and processes.