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Date21-05-10 13:12 Hit35


Achieving carbon nuetrality using materials technology

  KIMS makes every effort to achieve carbon neutrality using materials technology 

Korea Institute of Materials Science(KIMS), a government-funded research institute under the Ministry of Science of the

Republic of Korea has recently organized 'Materials Technology R&D Planning Center for Carbon-Neutralization' and decided to actively research in the field of materials science along with making every effort to plan and find related businesses to achieve carbon neutrality.


KIMS established the center as an organization to plan, discover, and execute research projects on hydrogen energy full-cycle materials technology and gas turbine manufacturing technology. They also appointed 'carbon neutrality officers' from each research division to secure personnel who proclaim the right definition of carbon neutrality in terms of materials science and also discover relevant themes to develop projects.  

After the adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015, the new climate system has been applied since January 2021, and it has become an urgent issue to develop innovative technologies and come up with ideas that can achieve carbon neutrality in the field of materials and parts. 


KIMS plans to establish a carbon neutrality technology roadmap to plan, discover, execute, and apply research projects where innovation is needed and embody related activities by setting up an organization that is responsible for developing and planning big projects for the future.