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Advanced Metals Division

Advanced Metals Division

Head of Division 'Kim, Hyoung-wook'
Head of Division
Kim, Hyoung-wook
Department of Steels

Department of Steels is focusing our efforts to create innovative technical solutions for the development of high value-added steels in cooperations with steelmaking companies as well as research institutes.

Titanium Department

Titanium department is focusing our efforts to self-reliance and high value-added titanium materials that depend on 90% overseas, and developing titanium parts manufacturing technology using carbon-reducing titanium scrap recycling technology.

Department of Aluminum

Aluminum Department is in charge of conducting research and development on aluminum alloys and their optimized applications to vehicle materials to improve fuel efficiency and driving performance.

Department of Magnesium

We focus on the development of alloy design and manufacturing process technologies such as non-flammable and stainless materials, high-strength materials for casting and extrusion, high-formability sheets, and biodegradable metals.