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Powder Materials Division

Powder Materials Division

Head of Division 'Yu, Ji-hun'
Head of Division
Yu, Ji-hun
연구활동 사진
Department of Metal Powder

Metal Powder department is the only specialized laboratory in Korea that is continuously researching and developing powder metallurgy from nanopowder to micro powder.

Department of Magnetic Materials

Magnetic material department has been performing the researches on the development of new fabrication processes for magnetic powder materials and the organic-inorganic composite/bulk magnet, and their application.

Department of 3D Printing Materials

Department of 3D Printing Materials is focusing on development of key technologies of metal 3D printing materials and processing, the representative field of 4th industrial revolution, where the department performs fundamental and applied researchers to secure cutting-edge 3D printing technologies and high value-added products for energy, defense, environmental and advanced vehicles.