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Powder Materials Division

Department of 3D Printing Materials

Head of Department
Kim, Kyung-tae

Department Introduction



Major Activities

Development of ceramic suspension for ceramic 3D printing : transfer technology and secure technology royalty.
Ceramic 3D pritning and lithium ion battery : 3 papers published, 3 patents applied.
International relationship and collaboration with NIMS and IMR
Development of ceramic matrix coposites for extreme environment : 5 paper published, 1 patent applied.

Major Research Area

3D structured metallurgy/ceramic fusion process
Metallurgy/ceramic based assembly process
Fabrication of high strength/high fracture toughness ceramics and ultra high temperature ceramic materials
Ceramic fiber reinforced ceramic composites for extreme environments

Future Research Plan

  • 3D printing technologies in energy/environmental/biological industries : core materials and processes
  • Development of stimuli-responsive material system and 4D printing technology
  • Development of core technology of Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and 3D printing applications
  • Development of ultra-high temperature ceramics which can withstand above 2000℃
  • 2nd generation SiCf/SiC CMC fabrication process with processing time of 10 days.

Major R&D Activities

Development of Interface Tailored Materials for Additive Manufacturing Process

  • 3D printing is one of the representative field of 4th industrial evolution. There are worldwide competition to secure 3D printing technology, but it is beginning stage in Korea. To lead the technology, it is mandatory to build core material technology and processes in metal, ceramic and polymer area.
  • Development of highly loaded silicon nitride photocurable suspension for digital light processing 3D printing.
  • 3D printing and post-thermal process for dense 3D silicon nitride structures
Highly loaded Si3N4 photocurable suspension
3-dimensional Si3N4 shapes by 3D printing

Ceramic fiber reinforced ceramic composites for extreme environments

  • Fabrication and characterization of ceramic fiber reinforced ceramic composites (CMC) which can be applied for aerospace, nuclear and energy industry. Development of process for various CMCs such as SiCf/SiC and Cf/HfC etc. and fabrication of ultra pure nano high temperature ceramic powders and development of process for wet processing, shaping and sintering.
  • Fabrication of SiCf/SiC CMCs using hot pressing and precursor (PIP) process
  • Fabrication of ultra pure nano high temperature ceramic powders (~100nm, purity: >99.9%, HfB2, HfC, TaC, Ta4HfC, ZrC etc.
  • Scale up of the components (φ200mm × 100mm CMC)
Synthesis of UHTC powder
Application of UHTCMC

Materials and process technologies for metal 3D printing


  • Development of newly designed tool steel, Ni-based superalloy, Ti intermetallic materials and 3D printing process for suitable area of metal 3D printing such as mold, turbine blade, and turbo charger.

[The contents and scope of the research]

  • 4 kinds of Fe-based alloy, 1 kind of Ni-based alloy, and 4 kinds of Ti intermetallic were developed.
  • Development of powderization technologies for originally designed alloys and improving process for high powder flowablilty.
  • Development of 3D printing process to fabricate the high density, and high hardness for metal parts. (Relative density > 99.0%)
Powder of originally designed tool steel
Application of originally designed alloy