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Surface & Nano Materials Division

Surface & Nano Materials Division

Head of Division 'Kim, Do-Geun'
Head of Division
Kim, Do-Geun
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Department of Nano-Bio Convergence

Department of Nano-Bio Convergence is focusing our all efforts to create innovative technical solutions for nanobiosensor and environmental industries. Current main research activities cover development of 3D nanoplasmonic sensor substrates, novel bioassay techniques using highly sensitive 3D nanochips, and low-temperature plasma and functional nanomaterials for inactivation of airborne pathogens.

Department of Energy & Electronic Materials

Department of Energy & Electronic Materials is focusing on the development of core functional materials in the future energy, environment, and electronics industries, in particular energy generation, and intelligent artificial synaptic electronic materials, aiming to develop device technology by integrating them.

Department of Electrochemistry

Department of Electrochemistry develops wet-process-based surface treatment technology of nano-structured functional materials and electrodeposition technology for various applications such as electronic devices, sensors, dental implants, solar, and fuel cells. Also, we develop novel computational and experimental electrochemical techniques not only for electroplating but also for electroforming, electroless plating, chemical conversion coating, anodizing, etching, and electropolishing, etc.

Department of Hydrogen Energy Materials

Department of Hydrogen Energy Materials is focusing on development an innovative technical solution for water electrolysis-based green hydrogen production to meet the Korean government’s core agenda for “carbon neutrality”. In detail, the major research fields of the department are development of advanced materials and parts for anion exchange membrane water electrolysis (AEMWE) systems, next-generation electrolyzer by using beyond alkaline solution including seawater/waste nutrient solution/waste alkaline solution/neutral solution, and electrochemical CO2 conversion.