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Composites Research Division

Composites Research Division

Head of Division
Um, Moon-gwang
Department of Carbon Composites

Based on prominent nano-carbon materials such as carbon nanotubes, graphene, and advanced carbon fibers, Department of Carbon Composites is aiming to enhance current major industries and to promote future initiative technologies by developing innovative material design and manufacturing knowhow for high-performance and smart composites. Current main research activities cover thermoplastic/thermosetting polymer resin formulation, advanced composite manufacturing technology for future transportation applications, textile-based energy generating/storage materials and smart sensors for wearable electronics, and multi-scale micro/nanocomposites.

Department of Functional Composites

Department of Functional Composites is (1) functionalization of raw materials for advanced composite materials; (2) development of nano/micro hybrid composite materials; (3) design of advanced functional composites; and (4) development of composite manufacturing and testing techniques. Currently, our research focuses on the development of fundamental and applied technologies about electromagnetic wave absorbing/shielding composites, structural/functional metal matrix composites, energy storage smart structural composites, and data/AI-based functional composite materials design/analysis.

Department of Composite Structures & System

Department of Composite Structures & System is focusing on the wind, automotive, ships/aerospace/defense industries, and striving to develop national strategic technologies related to energy, eco-friendly, and national defense. We conduct research and development on high-performance, high-functional novel lightweight structural components and systems based on the design, analysis, testing, and certification technology of high-performance fiber-reinforced composite materials and structures.

Wind turbine Technology Research Center

Take a leading role to build up the wind energy industry as a core industry of KOREA by supporting the blade technology.