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Composites Research Division

Department of Carbon Composites

Head of Division 'Oh Yeongseok'
Head of Division
Oh, Yeong-seok

Department Introduction

Based on prominent nano-carbon materials such as carbon nanotubes, graphene, and advanced carbon fibers, Department of Carbon Composites is aiming to enhance current major industries and to promote future initiative technologies by developing innovative material design and manufacturing knowhow for high-performance and smart composites. Current main research activities cover thermoplastic/thermosetting polymer resin formulation, advanced composite manufacturing technology for future transportation applications, textile-based energy generating/storage materials and smart sensors for wearable electronics, and multi-scale micro/nanocomposites.


Major Activities

  • Development of high-performance composite materials and processing technology : 3 papers published, 3 patents registered.
  • Development of energy storage materials : 6 papers published, 1 patent registered, 1 patent applied.
  • Development of eco-friendly composite materials : 2 papers published.
  • Development of carbon nanomaterial-based sensors : 3 papers published.
  • Development of artificial skin device based on a functional polymeric system : 1 paper published, 2 patents applied.

Major Research Area

  • Advanced resin formulation for high-performance carbon fiber reinforced composites
  • Fabrication technology for advanced composites
  • Carbon nanomaterial-based composites and hierarchical porous 3D nano-carbon structures
  • Carbon nanomaterial-based Composites for Next-generation Electrochemical Energy Storage
  • Filament/textile-based smart multi-sensors and organic FET
  • Composite Technology for Eco-friendly/extreme environment
  • Smart molecular materials and functional polymeric devices and processing technology

Future Research Plan

  • High-speed composite liquid manufacturing technology for future transportation
  • Recyclable thermoplastic/thermoset resin technology for CFRP
  • Integrated energy generating and storage materials for wearable electronics
  • Multi-sensing materials and organic FET/ECT sensors for in-site HAPs monitoring
  • Eco-friendly structural and functional nano-composite by natural-based organic nanofiber fabrication
  • Sensors and in-vitro diagnostics devices based on stimuli-responsive smart molecular and polymeric materials.

Major R&D Activities

Development of reusing method for decomposed thermoset resin and application for structural composite parts with recycled carbon fibers

  • Technology of separation and purification for chemically decomposed epoxy resins from wasted wind turbine blade composites and fabrication of automobile composite parts using recycled carbon fibers and new epoxy resin containing the recycled resins as additives
  • Mass separation and purification of decomposed epoxy resins
  • Development of new epoxy resins with recycled resins as accelerators and non-reacting additives
  • Development of SMC sheets and new epoxy resin for resin transfer molding
  • Fabrication of composite trunk lid using recycled resins and carbon fibers
Separation and purification of decomposed resins
Composite trunk lid outer with recycled materials

Development of nanocomposites by using eco-friendly nanomaterials

  • The objective of the research is to develop nanocomposite materials to improve the properties of polyurethane foam (PUF) used for building insulation and thermal insulation for LNG carriers.
  • To develop a biomass-based cellulose nanomaterial as a filler material for PUF application and to apply it to the composite manufacturing process.
  • Development of cellulose nanomaterials with an aspect ratio of 100 or more based on wood raw material.
  • Improved yield and reduced production energy through chemical pretreatment process.
  • Proposal of rheological properties evaluation method to identify the nano fibrillation process of raw materials and realize ideal nano fibrillation.
  • Realization of nanocomposite material with 15% or more improvement in specific compressive strength by applying cellulose nanomaterials to PUF material
Development of nanocomposites using eco-friendly nanomaterials derived from biomass

Manufacturing Process and Materials for Thick Electrode in High-Energy-Density Lithium-ion Batteries

  • The objective of the research is the development of the composite materials and processing for thick electrode in high-energy-density Li-ion batteries
  • Development of a newtype of binder for high concentration slurry and dry process
  • Development of active material-CNT-binder composite for dry process
  • Development of continuous solvent-free process (dry mixing-coating-pressing)
  • Optimization of mechanical and electrochemical properties of thick electrode
Materials and continuous process for thick electrode in Li-ion batteries