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Composites Research Division

Department of Functional Composites

Head of Division 'Cho, Seung-chan'
Head of Division
Cho, Seung-chan

Department Introduction

Department of Functional Composites is (1) functionalization of raw materials for advanced composite materials; (2) development of nano/micro hybrid composite materials; (3) design of advanced functional composites; and (4) development of composite manufacturing and testing techniques. Currently, our research focuses on the development of fundamental and applied technologies about electromagnetic wave absorbing/shielding composites, structural/functional metal matrix composites, energy storage smart structural composites, and data/AI-based functional composite materials design/analysis.


Major Activities

  • Electromagnetic wave shielding/absorbing composites : 4 papers published, 8 Korean patents applied
  • Functional metal matrix composites : 5 papers published, 1 Korean patent registered
  • Composites for energy storage device : 11 papers published
  • Multi-functional fiber synthesis : 8 papers published, 3 patents applied
  • functional metal-organic framework synthesis : 2 papers published

Major Research Area

  • Functionalized nano/micro reinforcement (particle/fiber/textile) and matrix
  • Electromagnetic materials for EMI shielding/absorption, stealth, and RF components
  • High performance metal matrix composites for bulletproof, energy absorption, neutron shielding/absorption, and heat dissipation
  • Thermostable / corrosion-resistant materials for extreme environment
  • Composite materials for smart energy applications
  • Data/AI-based functional composite materials design/analysis technology
  • Metal-organic framework based functional materials design/synthesis technology

Future Research Plan

  • EMI shielding composite materials for next-generation (5G/6G) telecommunication
  • CFRP co-curable radar absorbing materials for stealth fighters
  • Development of fabrication and post-treatment method of high performance CNT fibers
  • Development of fiber/textile energy storage devices and their functionalization
  • Design and application of casting-based lightweight steel composites
  • Development of high thermal conductivity, neutron-absorbing aluminum composites
  • Development of additive technology for near-net forming complex-shaped composites
  • Development of environmental and energy materials based on functional metal-organic framework materials

Major R&D Activities

Development of 5G mmWave shielding/absorbing/heat-dissipating composites

  • Ultralow reflection (0.5 dB) and high absorption (20 dB) with a thin film (500 ㎛ thickness) using magnetic materials and conductive grids
  • Controllable working frequency by changing the grid geometries
  • 3 SCI/SCIE papers with IF>12 published, 8 Korean patents applied
Fabricated EMI Shielding Films
Comparison with Previous Studies

Development of neutron-absorbing aluminum matrix composites

  • Development of scale-up technology for neutron absorbing aluminum matrix composites
  • Development of property control technology through volume ratio and interfacial reaction control of aluminum matrix composites
  • 3 SCI/SCIE published, 1 domestic patent registered
Neutron absorbing B4C-AI composite plate

Development of materials for textile type wearable electronic devices

  • Development of CNT fibers with high ‘Load at break’ value (30 times higher than conventional CNT fibers)
  • Development of multifunctional fibers with high strength and energy storage properties
  • 19 SCI/SCIE published, 3 domestic patent applied
Comparison of conventional CNTF
and our Large-tex CNTF
Comparison of 'Load of break'
of CNT Fiber