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Materials Digital Platform Division

Materials Digital Platform Division

Head of Division 'Kwon, Yong-nam'
Head of Division
Kwon, Yong-nam
연구활동 사진
Department of Materials AI & Big-Data

Department of Materials AI & Big-Data focuses on development of digital transformation technologies for innovative materials and processes. To this end, the research at Department of Materials AI & BigData covers artificial intelligence technology, virtual engineering technology, data generation/collection/ analysis/management system.

Department of Materials Processing

Department of Materials Processing is focusing our efforts to create innovative materials processing technologies for enhancing the added value of materials and to develop smart manufacturing process for the 4th industrial revolution. In addition, it is contributing to strengthening the competitiveness of the metallic materials and parts industry by introducing and integrating state-of-the-art pilot-scale manufacturing and evaluating equipment, and subsequently by leading the construction of infrastructure hardware platform.

Aerospace Materials Center

Aerospace Materials Center focuses on the development of aerospace materials and parts through development of design allowance database, sheet metal forming, hardware manufacturing, and fuel cell technology for unmanned Aerial vehicles.

Materials Data Management Center

Materials Data Management Center develops a system to systematically and efficiently manage research data of researchers, and based on this, focuses on developing technologies that can efficiently develop new materials through the convergence of various materials research data.