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Materials Testing & Reliability Division

Materials Testing & Reliability Division

Head of Division 'Won, Sun-ho'
Head of Division
Won, Sun-ho
테스트센터 내부 사진
Department of Materials Testing & Evaluation

Mechanical testing at all size, rate and temperature scales, High-precision evaluation and reverse engineering using non-destructive techniques, Development and standardization of non-standard test methods, Forensic analysis of failed components and assists in investigations based on mechanical characteristics, The management of KOLAS certifications

Department of Materials Analysis

Department of material analysis is conducting research and development of materials analysis methods and evaluation technologies such as chemical analysis, X-ray diffraction, surface analysis and precise microstructural analysis based on electron microsocpy.

Department of Authorized Nuclear Inspection

Department of Authorized Nuclear Inspection was approved from Korean government(Ministry of Science and Technology) in 1993 and was accredited and certified as Authorized Nuclear Inspection Agency by KEA(Korea Electric Association) in 1997.

Department of Joining Technology

Department of Joining technology is performing the development of welding technologies and its suitability assessment for materials/parts/equipments to guarantee the safety and reliability of them.

Department of Corporation Support

Corporation Support Department is in charge of overall work on planning, implementation, and management related to corporate support in order to transfer the technology possessed by Korea Institute of Materials Science (KIMS) to materials and parts companies.