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Ceramic Materials Division

Ceramic Materials Division

Head of Division 'Hahn, Byung-dong'
Head of Division
Hahn, Byung-dong
연구활동 사진
Department of Engineering Ceramics

Department of Engineering Ceramics has focused on the property enhancement and longevity of ceramic materials working under harsh mechanical and thermal environment. As a pathfinder for applications of engineering ceramics, we are challenged to develop new multinational ceramics equipped with tailor-made functions based on engineering ceramics.

Department of Functional Ceramics

Department of Functional Ceramics is conducting research in various fields using high-performance functional ceramic materials and device manufacturing technologies, including heat dissipation materials for electronics, echo-friendly piezoelectric ceramics, thermoelectric materials, piezoelectric single crystal, magnetocaloric refrigeration, acoustic sensors, ultrasound transducer, stacked actuators, machano-electric/magneto-electric energy harvester, battery, catalyst material for environmental purification and hydrogen production, etc. Through active exchanges with domestic and foreign universities and industries, we are playing a role as a hub in the field of functional ceramic materials and coatings.

Department of Advanced Biomaterials Research

Department of Advanced Biomaterials Research is focusing our efforts to develop innovative technical solutions for the materialization of medical devices with biomimic understanding which is for recovery of damaged tissue or organ in order to improve life quality of people due to population aging.