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Extreme Materials Institute

Extreme Materials Institute

>Na, Young-sang, Director of Research
Director of Research
Na, Young-sang
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Department of High Temperature Materials

Department of High Temperature Materials is currently working on alloy development, process optimization, test and evaluation and failure analysis of metallic materials applied to high-temperature on service. Major research fields of the department are on superalloys, which are mainly applied to industrial gas and steam turbine, aerospace, jet engine, and defense facilities.

Department of Extreme Environmental Coatings

Department of Extreme Environmental Coatings aims to develop the coating technologies to overcome the performance limitations of materials in harsh operating environments (ultra-high temperature, abrasion, and extreme friction/wear) for power generation, aerospace, national defense, and general industrial machinery

Department of Special Alloys

Department of Special Alloys is focusing our efforts on the development of special alloy systems and their manufacturing processes for the breakthrough of property limitations and the creation and utilization of new functional features. With the goal of promoting cutting-edge technologies and their commercial utilization, we cover the Cu alloys, new generation high-entropy and complex-concentrated alloys, amorphous alloys, and their derivatives.

Department of Space and Defense Materials

Department of Space and Defense Materials works for the development of technology regarding the space and defense industry such as the fabrication of space materials, development of defense materials, building network with space and defense industry, development of ultra-high temperature ceramic composites that have been actively investigated during the last decade in the field of space and defense.

Department of Hydrogen Materials Evaluation

Department of Hydrogen Materials Evaluation is a newly organized laboratory in December 2021 and plans to develop the technology of material test evaluation in hydrogen environments and conduct research to develop computational analysis technologies that can evaluate the soundness of products for hydrogen industry. In addition, in order to produce products for hydrogen industry domestically, It will contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of the industry for hydrogen storage and transfer supplies through technical support such as material testing, providing material DBs, and FE(Finite Element) analysis.