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Department of Hydrogen Materials Evaluation

Head of Department 'Lee, Seung-geon'
Head of Department(concurrent)
Lee, Seung-geon

Department Introduction

Department of Hydrogen Materials Evaluation is a newly organized laboratory in December 2021 and plans to develop the technology of material test evaluation in hydrogen environments and conduct research to develop computational analysis technologies that can evaluate the soundness of products for hydrogen industry. In addition, in order to produce products for hydrogen industry domestically, It will contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of the industry for hydrogen storage and transfer supplies through technical support such as material testing, providing material DBs, and FE(Finite Element) analysis.


Major Research Area

  • Construction of material property DBs for design, manufacturing, reliability of liquid hydrogen storage tanks
  • Development of technologies related to evaluation of characteristics and residual stress analysis of liquid hydrogen storage tanks by welding process
  • Development of standard procedures for specialization test evaluation of hydrogen environment materials and registration of standardization
  • Development of acoustic emission test procedures to confirm the integrity of high-pressure hydrogen storage tanks

Future Research Plan

  • Construction of DBs for tensile, fatigue, impact test of commercial materials for hydrogen environment (STS316L, etc.)
  • Development of hydrogen embrittlement evaluation technology for high-pressure hydrogen environmental materials using alternative testing methods
  • Evaluation of hydrogen diffusion and soundness of commercial materials in the hydrogen environment through computational analysis
  • Development of residual stress prediction technology according to the welding process of hydrogen storage tanks using artificial intelligence.