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MOU Signing between Postgraduate Institute of Science(PGIS) and KIMS

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Date08-08-05 20:55 Hit7,702


On Tuesday, August 05, 2008, the Acting President of KIMS, Dr. Byoung-Kee Kim and the Director of Postgraduate Institute of
Science(PGIS), Professor B.S.B. Karunaratne signed the Memorandum of Understanding, aiming for a more diverse research
collaboration and frequent human exchange.

The collaboration was quite special as Professor Karunaratne first came to KIMS as a visiting researcher from PGIS to
conduct research in ceramics engineering for the past year on August 2007. During his stay in KIMS, Professor Karunaratne
became the Director of PGIS, creating the perfect opportunity for an MOU between familiar ties.

PGIS is a national institute attached to the University of Peredeniya, Sri Lanka, established in 1996 by an ordinance by the
Ministry of Higher Education as institute to promote science education and R&D in scientific disciplines in Sri Lanka.