A research institute specializing in Materials Science




Available for bachelors and bachelorettes
2 people per room / Total 100 beds


Married employees may take residency for up to 3 years


You may obtain membership for condominium reservations

Health Care

We offer basic health care, which includes a complete annual physical examination

Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance is available for employees' children who are attending middle school or high school in Korea

Recreational Activites

You can join from our various recreational activities that range from tennis, soccer, or even Korean chess. Join to hone your skills or meet new people!

Fitness Facilities

Grass soccer field, fitness center, ping pong table, tennis court, Korean chess, basketball court, shower room, we have it all! You can enjoy and relax right within our complex

Training Program

Our training program includes short term membership training, as well as short/long term overseas training for research or even academic certification