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Welcome to Korea Institute of Materials Science homepage.

Materials technology is a technology that creates new avenues in performance and service in which nearly all industries directly and indirectly rely on.

History has shown that advanced materials and their application play a vital role in the foundation of industries and continue to carry on its impact on society.

The Korea Institute of Materials Science is confident that dedication to outstanding R&D, acting as the hub for interdisciplinary collaboration, authorizing test and evaluation, motivating national consortium will advance mankind and society.

Effectively supporting industries is one of our major objective. We are determined to realize this objective and facilitate a technology support program to efficiently and practically support industry operation.

We are committed to create and strengthen our relationship with domestic and international partners and become a hub for materials technology.

The Korea Institute of Materials Science will continue to promote precedence in research developments and technical supports to ensure technology competitiveness and the technical innovation of the materials and components industries.

Thank you.