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2008 Asian Forum on Light Metals

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Date08-11-13 18:16 Hit8,508


The Korea Institute of Materials Science hosted the 2008 Asian Forum on Light Metals(AFLM) at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Jeju Island with 110 people from Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and new participating economies from China and Australia. The Forum provided an opportunity for diverse perspectives on the three topics of light metals, aluminum, magnesium, and titanium through oral presentation as well as a poster session.

The 2008 AFLM is the third Forum, which started in 2006 in Japan by the Japan Institute on Light Metals and the second Forum was held in Taiwan last year. The additional membership of China and Australia has proven that the light metal research is an active research area and has been becomingly popularized and have turned-heads from industries that strive for environmental-friendly technologies, especially in the automobile industries. The next AFLM is planned to be held in 2010, tentatively in China.