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Low-Cost Manufacturing technology of Titanium Bolts

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Date10-02-25 19:06 Hit7,589


[Figure]Titanium bolts (M7) manufactured through the new technology

KIMS developed the technology that reduces the manufacturing cost and time of the Titanium bolts up to 30%. The technology skips the machining process through warm drawing technique, for the first time in Korea. For titanium alloys bolts, 50% of its manufacturing cost is originated from its resources and another 50% comes from the machining process. Since the technology developed by the KIMS does not require machining process, about 1,500 won (1.5USD) can be reduced for manufacturing a titanium alloys bolt (5USD each). In this technology, machining process is skipped and warm drawing technique replaces hot forging to ease its shaping. Furthermore, mold design technology for shaping with coating and lubrication technology for preventing friction and wear are added to this technology.


Dr. Jong Taek Yeom (yjt96@kims.re.kr)

Structural Materials Division

Korea Institute of Materials Science