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Dr. Anil Sachdev, GM visited the KIMS

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Date10-04-19 10:32 Hit7,124


On 16 April, the Korea Institute of Materials Science (KIMS) contracted the Master Agreement with the Global R&D Center, General Motors Holdings LLC (GM, USA). Starting from this Master Agreement, the KIMS and the GM will actively proceed the research collaboration in the field of high-strength and light-weight materials, especially magnesium, for automotive application. Furthermore, the KIMS and the GM will exchange researchers and share technical information to support the research collaboration. After contracting the Master Agreement, Dr. Anil Sachdev (Lab Group Manager, Materials and Processes Lab, GMR&D Center) held the seminar on the "Lightweight materials for automovie applications". His talk introduced the importance of lightweight materials for automotive applications and the impact on fuel economy. Examples of various lightweight subsystems were provided and challenges and further innovations were outlined in the seminar.



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