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Development of Carbon Fiber with up to 13% of CNT

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Date10-05-31 15:27 Hit7,244


Korea Institute of Materials Science(KIMS) succeeded to manufacture the prepreg of carbon fiber with maximum 13% of CNT(Carbon Nanotube) included, for the first time in Korea. Compared to the previous technology, the new carbon fiber developed by the KIMS includes four times more CNT. Korea has heavily depended upon imports for Carbon fiber prepreg. Thus the new technology will increase competitiveness of related markets. Carbon fiber prepreg which includes CNT is used in materials for antistatic, absorbing electromagnetic waves, and LED. Due to its high electrical conductivity, it is also applied for high-strength adhesive. Moreover, carbon fiber reduces its weight as more and more CNT are included



Dr. Joonhyung Byun (bjh1673@kims.re.kr)

Materials Processing Division

Korea Institute of Materials Science