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KIMS contracted MOU with GRINM(China)

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Date10-08-26 15:18 Hit5,919


Korea Institute of Materials Science(KIMS) contracted MOU with General Research Institute for Non-ferrous Metals(GRINM, China) on 19 August 2010.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals (GRINM), established in November 1952, is the largest R&D institution in the field of nonferrous metals industry in China. After 50 years’ development, the research areas have expanded to microelectronic and photoelectronic materials, rare and precious metals materials, rare earth materials, energy technology and materials, special alloy powder and powder metallurgy materials, superconductor materials, nano technology and materials, infrared optical materials, nonferrous metals processing technology, advanced mineral processing and metallurgy, nonferrous metal composites, materials analysis and testing. GRINM has been built into a comprehensive research institute covering a wide range of fields, capable of assuming key and important projects and solving sophisticated technological and engineering difficulties." (from http://en.grinm.com)


To contract MOU, and discuss further cooperation in the field of advanced materials including rare materials, between the institutes, Dr.Kyungmox Cho, President of the KIMS visited GRINM on the day. The Collaborative Program included in the MOU are

1. Research collaboration and development activities

2. Exchange of Scientific and technical information, data and results relevant to the field of advanced materials.

3. Exchange of scientists, engineers, and other experts for participation in this Collborative Program.

4. Visits by scientists, engineers and other staff members to the facilities of the Parties.

5. Transfer of the technology occurred by the result of this Collaborative Program to industries for mutual benefits.

6. Mutual exploitation of research equipment and facilities. Starting from the MOU contract, KIMS and GRINM are planning to enrich their cooperative activities afterwards.



Ms.Sooa Lee

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