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KIMS visited SIRIM(Malaysia) & TISTR(Thailand)

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Date10-11-26 13:58 Hit4,708


Followed by the visit to MIDC and ITDI, President of the KIMS visited Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia(SIRIM) and Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research(TISTR) from 14 to 20 November.


As an extension of Korea-ASEAN Technology Cooperation project funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Korea (Dr.K.S.Cho), KIMS is planning to support materials research institutes in ASEAN countries from 2011. To initiate KIMS-ASEAN cooperative project, KIMS contracted Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) with SIRIM and TISTR. The MOU include the following facts.


-Research collaboration and development

-Educating and Training Scientists

-Exchange and visits of scientists, engineers, and other experts

-Sharing research facilities


Moreover, delegations from KIMS not only introduced general information and international cooperative activities of the KIMS to the members of SIRIM and TISTR but also discussed further cooperation between the institutes.



Ms.Sooa Lee (leesooa@kims.re.kr)

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