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KIMS Published MateriALL Vol.2

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Date11-01-06 09:44 Hit4,749


In December 2010, Korea Institute of Materials Science(KIMS) published MateriALL Vol.2. The first volume of MateriALL was published a year ago, December, 2009.

MateriALL is the white paper for materials technology, which introduces the current state of industries, trading, technology trading, national R&D, investment, personnel, industrial R&D, papers, and patent(KIMS news, 2009).
In addition, MateriALL Vol.2 provides updated statistical data, and newly analyzes technology trends of automobile, energy/environment, bio, and information/communication materials.
To publish the MateriALL Vol.2, 40 specialists in the industrial, academic, and research institutional fields participated in the writing. The MateriALL is available in the KIMS website(www.kims.re.kr), and it will be published annually.



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