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The 5th Korea-U.S. NanoForum

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Date08-06-03 18:42 Hit7,419


The Korea Nano Technology Research Society (KoNTRS-Chairman Hak-Min Kim) held "The 5th Korea-U.S. Nanoforum" on April 17-18 in Jeju Island at the Shilla Hotel. This year, the Forum around 50 professionals in the field of nano-bio gathered on the topic of “Nano-
Biotechnology” and discussed technologies and research findings that could possibly respond to the issues concerning materials
equipment, biomedicine, and health.

The first Korea-U.S. NanoForum was held on October 14-18th, 2003, by the Korea-U.S. Science Cooperation Center, and has been
annually supported the gathering between Korea and the U.S. to disseminate awareness and information on various topics related to
nano technology. This Forum was hosted by the National Science Foundation(U.S.) and the Ministry of Education, Science &
Technology(Korea) to provide a space to exchange research findings and collaborate with young scientists in the field of nano science and technology.

The 5th Korea-U.S. NanoForum brought forth studies and technologies that responded to issues of observing and diagnosing cancer
and other fatal disease. The nano-bio imaging technology, which allows one to visually observe cells with a 3rd generation visual
imaging without coating florescent materials, caught the attention of medical scientists.