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KIMS developed Nano Powder Manufacturing Technology using Plasma

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Date09-03-15 15:50 Hit7,523


Using Hydrogen Plasma in 15,000℃, the Korea Institute of Materials Science (KIMS) firstly developed mass production technology of high purity Nano Powder in Korea. This technology enables Korea to localize key original materials of next-generation industries such as IT, Semiconductor, Catalyst, and Bio.

Supported by the 21st Century Frontier Project, KIMS started to develop the Nano Powder Manufacturing Technology in 2002. Using Hydrogen Plasma in 15,000℃, this technology turns the original materials into vapor phase, and condense it in the low temperature to produce high purity Nano Powder continuously in large quantity.

This technology granted five patents in Korea, and applied for patents in the United States and Japan. In addition, the technology has been transferred to ENERTECH Inc., and in the process of commercialization in 2009.


Dr. Chul-Jin Choi (cjchoi@kims.re.kr)
Functional Nano Powders Materials Group
Functional Materials Division
Korea Institute of Materials Science