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First Korean Chairman in the Asian Nano Forum

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Date09-10-09 16:12 Hit7,750


In Taiwan, on 9 October, 2009, Hak-Min Kim, Korea Institute of the Materials Science (KIMS), has been elected as the chairman of Asian Nano Forum (ANF, http://www.asia-anf.org/). As a chairman, Dr. Kim will work for two years from January 2010. ANF is a collaboration network for developing and commercializing nano technology among fifteen Asian Pacific countries including Korea, Japan, China, Australia, India, Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and U.A.E. Furthermore, every year, Asian Nano Forum hold nano related symposium in member country. They also hold Aisan Nano Camp for graduate and Post Doctor students taking lectures and visiting research institutes.


Dr. Hak Min Kim (hmkim@kims.re.kr)