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KIMS-Kyushu University Joint Symposium

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Date09-10-15 16:13 Hit7,207


October 13 ~ 15, 2009, 'The 4th KIMS-Kyushu University Joint Steel Symposium' was held in Hanhwa
Resort, Haeundae, Busan.

Every year, seminars and research collaborations on strengthening mechanism of ferrous material, microstructure control, characteristic evaluation technology, and new alloy development have been progressed and this year, Neutron diffraction and Nano-indentation were discussed in depth.

Including researchers from the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS, Japan) and Seoul National University (Korea), 30 delegates in total joined the symposium.

Ferrous Alloys Group (KIMS) and Ferrous Research Center (Kyushu University) will expand human resource exchange and research collaboration through the Joint Symposium.

Furthermore, NIMS-Seoul National University will join the symposium from the next year.