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Advanced Metals Division

Department of Magnesium

Head of Department
Moon, Byeong-gi

Department Introduction

Department of Magnesium is developing key technologies for high-performance and high value-added magnesium alloys as the lightest structural metal. Especially, we are focusing on development of new alloy systems such as stainless, eco-friendly and non-flammable alloys, high-strength alloys for casting and extrusion, high-formability sheets and process-engineering development. Based on this, we are strengthening cooperation with various domestic and foreign institutions and companies for practical applications and promotion of magnesium material and parts industry.


Major Activities

The 7th Asian Symposium on Magnesium Alloys (11~13 June, 2017)
Conclusion of MOU for promoting development project of ultra-light magnesium material and parts industry (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy-JeollaNamdo- Suncheonsi-KIMS-JEONNAM TECHNOPARK-POSCO) as well as execution of related planning business
SCI/E: 7 papers; non-SCI: 1 paper;Domestic Patent: 1 application & 2 registrations; PCT: 1 application

Major Research Area

Design and development of multi-functional non-flammable magnesium alloy and its application technology
Design of corrosion-resistant magnesium alloy and application technology of biomaterial
Application technology of North Korean magnesite
Melt processing technology for microstructure of magnesium alloy
Rolling and extrusion technology for producing lightweight components of transportation
Recycling technology of magnesium alloy scrap and waste parts

Future Research Plan

  • Low-cost and high-efficiency production technology of grain-refinement agent for magnesium alloy
  • Manufacturing technology of high-strength magnesium wheel for automobile
  • Application of extruded profiles with non-flammable and corrosion-resistant magnesium alloy to aircraft seat and electric vehicle components
  • Development of biodegradable metal with multi-properties of 7,000 MPa·%
  • Platform construction for global magnesium industry through promotion project of ultra-lightweight magnesium materials and parts business

Major R&D Activities

Development of eco-friendly recycling technology for magnesium waste parts

  • Reducing the use of greenhouse gases at recycling of scrap and waste parts:Reduction of Global Climate Impact (GCI) by 92% compared to traditional process(7.2kgCO2/kgMg → 0.59kgCO2/kgMg)
  • Recycling them as high value-added magnesium alloys with excellent levels of quality, flame retardancy, corrosion resistance and heat resistance:Achievement of recycling rate of 89.6% and non-metallic inclusion level of 18.2 ppm (primary ingot: <50 ppm)
Eco-friendly recycling process of magnesium scrap

Development of high-efficiency grain refinement technology of aluminium containing magnesium alloys for industrial application

  • Development of grain refinement agent applicable to large-scale production of commercial AZ- and AM-series magnesium alloy components
  • Practical application of carbon injection process through decomposition of additives
  • Pilot scale application and continuous production technology for manufacturing high-strength magnesium rod wheel
Microstructure and hardness of 17“ magnesium wheel with commercial and grain refinement technology

Technical support for manufacturing process of biodegradable magnesium alloy implant and quality control plan

  • Increase in reliability by upgrading production technology of biodegradable magnesium implant
  • Determination of composition range of biodegradable magnesium alloy by theoretical and experimental verification
  • Design of extrusion die and determination of process conditions through numerical analysis
DB building of material properties & establishment of quality control plan by process step