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Powder Materials Division

Department of Metal Powder

Head of Department
Yang, Sang-seon

Department Introduction

Metal Powder department is performing a research related to the production and application of metal based powder of various size, from nano to micro. By conducting a research of the method of fabrication and searching out for the application, powder material with high function and value is produced, which could be applied to the basic industries of the nation : wide industrial field such as energy, environment, machine tool, and electronics.


Major Activities

6 technology transfer including "Method for fabrication of spherical metal powders" (total collected amount of the fund : 182.6 million Korean won)
10 domestic / foreign patent application including "Method and apparatus for aluminium powders coated with fluorine-based hydrocarbons"
4 domestic / foreign paten registration including "Bi-Te-based high-performance thermoelectric composite materials including meta-surface, method of manufacturing the same"
Research Paper : 17 SCI(E), 11 non - SCI
2017 Powder Metallurgy Tutorial (Nov, 22-24, 2017)

Major Research Area

Fabrication process and characterization of powder-based nanocomposite materials
Synthesis and application of metal/ceramic powders for energy and environment
Near-net shaping technology of metal and ceramic nanopowders
Metallic powders for metal 3D printing process
Nano-functionalization and recycling of high-alloy materials

Future Research Plan

  • Securing KIMS metal powder for 3D printing and development of printing process using laser as the heat source
  • 3D printing technology of Aluminum for national defence
  • Metallic magnetic powders and its application for high efficiency/performance power conversion devices
  • Development of up-cycling technology based on nano-functionalization and recycling of high-alloy materials
  • Commercialization of energy-conversion thermoelectric materials through high-throughput synthesis

Major R&D Activities

Highly conductive Aluminum based electrode fabrication technology for flexible and wearable electronics


  • Development of Al precursor ink as the alternative to the noble metal based colloidal inks such as gold or silver, which have high cost and harsh price fluctuation. Derivative products based on Al precursor ink has been commercialized.

[Content of the technique & outcomes]

  • Original technology to synthesize Al precursor ink and to fabricate Al based flexible electrode
  • Industrialization technology to synthesize Al precursor ink and conductive Al film / Conductive textile fabrication system
  • Start-up company : Foundation of Alink Co. Ltd, total sales 80 million (2016), 300 million expected (2017)
Al precursor ink / precursor powder (left), demonstration of Al coated electrode (right)

Metallic magnetic powders and its application for high efficiency/performance power conversion devices


  • Development of fabrication and powder compaction technology of spherical soft magnetic powders which can resolve energy crisis and environmental pollution problem by enhancing efficiency of powder conversion devices

[Content of the technique & outcomes]

  • Development of technology for Fe-based spherical soft magnetic powders
  • Development of fabrication technology of 13-㎛ soft magnetic powders
  • Development of powder compaction technology of spherical amorphous soft magnetic powders
Spherical soft magnetic powders (left), particle size analysis result(middle), core for inductor(right)

Development of hard materials and PCD tools for surface processing of ultra high precision mold


  • Development of property control technology though nano-sizing of hardmetals for tools
  • Development of commercialization technology based on recycling of used hardmetal scrape and enhanced materials property

[Content of the technique & outcomes]

  • Securement of technology for materials and size control of hardmetal powders: world’s first development of mass production technology of 100-nm hardmetal powders - realization of world’s best hardmetal
  • Securement of hardmetal materials though recycling of hardmetal scrapes
  • Adding values on recycling technology of hardmetal scrapes
  • Patent registration: Recycling method of tungsten compound from used hardmetals (Korea : 1800784)
Nanopowder of hard metal
Hard metal rod made from recycled hard metals
High-precision end mills