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Materials Processing Innovation Research Division

Materials Processing Innovation Research Division

Head of Department
Kang, Seong-hun

Department Introduction

Virtual manufacturing department has focused on developing the computer-aided materials processing technology based on meso/macro-scale microstructure evolution modeling and process design to make high performance and high quality metallic materials and parts.


Major Activities

Diffusion bonding and forging analyses of ultrahigh carbon steel rolls : 6 papers published, 1 patent registered.
Three-dimensional metallurgical-thermo-elasto-plastic finite element analysis for heat treatment of metallic materials : 4 papers published.
Hot forging and rolling simulation linked with recrystallization evolution model and predicted flow stress : 3 papers published, 11 softwares registered.
Development of texture controlling process for magnesium alloy sheet to improve formability at low temperature : 4 papers published, 6 patent registered.

Major Research Area

Microstructure prediction based on CA-FEM, CPFEM etc.
Simulation of grain nucleation/recrystallization/grain growth/flow stress based on empirical and physical modeling in metal forming
Metallurgical-thermo-elasto-plastic finite element analysis
Development of texture controling process and texture analysis

Future Research Plan

  • Linkage of CA-FEM and CPFEM for microstructure prediction
  • Development of virtual manufacturing platform
  • Microstructure characterization, analyses of materials and process databases based on machine learning
  • Development of platform tool for texture and microstructure analysis
  • Development of yield function and finite element simulation for multi-layer powder-solid materials codefomation process